[TxMt] command to web and back

Lawrence Curtis thedarkavenger at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 21:03:02 UTC 2007

This was my intention yes, so a command could be run within textmate  
with HTML, a few tick-boxes later a few files custom generated files  
could be inserted into a project, my only reason for taking this  
route really was that we (our development team) are php developers  
and we want to maintain some sort of interface as often as we want  
centrally to generate these files.

If you can think of a better way of running a central script that  
does this it would be greatly appreciated, the script will be just a  
php script that does things like generate a site skeleton with 2 or 3  
column layout customising the css file to only show the bits you need  

Although i could just fire open a browser window go to the url and  
then download the package, extract the files into the project this  
strikes me as rather clunky and i know some of the staff will have  
issues with it.  However if there is some way of just grabbing a  
remote file straight into a project that could be one answer as i was  
thinking that i could setup a text based config, post that over and  
have the script parser that and then send them back some files into  
the project, however it would be a lot lot cooler if it were possible  
to fire open a command in HTML output and then have that after its  
run continue through the textmate command so i can extract or svn co  
the contents.

Thanks for your time and i'd also like to add that textmate has been  
the cornerstone in converting a completely windows powered dev team  
to 100% mac.

On 20 Apr 2007, at 21:52, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 20. Apr 2007, at 20:37, Lawrence Curtis wrote:
>> [...]
>> What i plan on doing is coding a script in preference this would  
>> sit somewhere on our server so it could be easily globally  
>> updated.  This script would ask a few questions and then generate  
>> a zip file or a new folder in the repository, not sure which yet.   
>> The wish then is to take these files and plonk them into a  
>> project.  Now im pretty sure the way to do this would be to pass  
>> back to the script that opened the browser window some sort of  
>> reference.  Do you guys (and girls) know of a way to either a)  
>> post something back into a script after a window has opened or  
>> find out the url of a web window when it closes?
> So if I understand correctly, user on machine A loads a web page,  
> on the web page he answers some questions, and on a server, a   
> package is generated.
> Now you want machine A to fetch this package from the server? But  
> you do not want to just do it as a regular download initiated from  
> the browser?
> How is the web page reached in the first place? Using a normal  
> browser or is this from a TextMate command with HTML output?
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