[TxMt] "enter" in File Drawer shut the char to edition

Juan Falgueras jfalgueras at uma.es
Tue Apr 10 16:07:26 UTC 2007

	File Drawer is one of my favorites marvelous of TM.  I have, for  
example, a folder hierarchy full of perl samples (for teaching).  I  
get really pleasured when so easily I can rename them (01-hello.pl,  
02-read.pl, etc) to reorder following a difficulty criterion.  But, I  
found an annoying bug (or perhaps three, but  it depends on the way  
you define "bug":)

	1) If you press enter to finalize the name edition (as you usually  
do in Finder items renaming to finalize the edition), the <enter>  
char not only doesn't finalize totally the edition but goes to the  
edition window changing it.

	2) If you are changing the name of a file and in the middle of the  
process you switch to the Finder, for example, when return to TM, it  
doesn't recognize the changed file (and is red highlighted) as in TM  
the change of the name is not "completely" done, but in the Finder  
system, yes.

	3) It would be great if simply changing the files between the file  
names with the tab key the edit window could follow it.  It would  
help a lot knowing what where you renaming.  I am not sure about if  
the currently is the desired behavior, but then I don't  understand  
the reason.

Juan F.

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