[TxMt] Announcing LaTeX Watch 2.0, with PDF support

Charilaos Skiadas skiadas at hanover.edu
Thu Apr 5 15:08:37 UTC 2007

On Apr 5, 2007, at 10:13 AM, Robin Houston wrote:

> On 4/5/07, Robin Houston <robin.houston at gmail.com> wrote:
> Erm, those should both be TM_LATEX_PROGRAM, of course!
I think we already have TM_LATEX_COMPILER that should be doing  
exactly this, I think. Though perhaps I'm wrong, right now there's  
too many words flying around ;)

Anyway not time to think more about it now, unfortunately I have a  
lot of "real" work to do atm (end of semester coming up).

> Robin

Haris Skiadas
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Hanover College

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