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Alain Matthes alain.matthes at mac.com
Wed Apr 4 13:57:21 UTC 2007

Le 4 avr. 07 à 14:50, Charilaos Skiadas a écrit :

> On Apr 4, 2007, at 8:36 AM, Alain Matthes wrote:
>> Le 4 avr. 07 à 14:04, Charilaos Skiadas a écrit :
>>> Ok, the question remains though. The script is already  
>>> complicated enough
>> yes but with  two scripts, the problems would be divided; more  
>> users of mac in general works with pdflatex, and the script for  
>> pdflatex is simplest.
>> I prefer two scripts like "dvi" and "pdf" and there is no  
>> ambiguity and no test and it's more simple for you !
> Hm, that is a possibility. But are there many users who would like  
> to be previewing their files in dvi? And what are the dvi  
> previewers available on Intel machines?

no dvi it's for dvi --> ps ---> pdf : latex + dvips + ps2pdf

you can make a test and red some news on comp.text.tex or  
or fr.comp.text.tex without pstricks a lot of people
(the majority) work with dvi + ps + pdf and latin1.
For me it's a  wrong way because pdf and utf8 are the best tools...

>> No it's not for me!
>> I hate dvi + ps !!  pdflatex it's very fine for me with Tikz/pgf  
>> ( no pstricks)
> Ok now I am confused. What are the various compilation paths that  
> you would like to see?
> 1) pdflatex
> 2) latex + dvips + ps2pdf
> 3) .... ?

1) for me pdflatex but a simple version that each user can adapt  
according to his needs

2) now if you want that's a lot of latex's users work with textmate I  
think that
  it is important that they can easily compile with latex + dvips +  

3) There is a last category of users, those which use gnuplot,  
asymptote and pst-pdf.
   a) gnuplot : you need the --shell-escape option if the script is  
simple is not a problem :
   for example in my case :

   run_tex () {
          "$TEX" ${TM_LATEX_OPTIONS:=--shell-escape
          -interaction=nonstopmode -file-line-error-style} "$1"

b) with asymptote you need to chain scripts :
   example with asy and pdflatex

run_tex () {
location=$(dirname "$1")
basefname="${location}/`basename "$1" .tex`"

cd $location
pdflatex --shell-escape "$1"
echo '<h2>Compiling with Asymptote…</h2>'
asy "${basefname}.asy"
pdflatex --shell-escape "$1"

c) with pst-pdf : it's the good way to use pstricks with pdflatex,  
and you need to use
  ps4pdf ( google ps4pdf herbert voss)

TEX=${TM_LATEX_COMPILER:=ps4pdf} is easy and the work is fine

It is the reasons for which scripts must be simple, but actually for  
me TextMate is the best tool to work with Latex.

Perhaps : a good help with comment on the script is a solution

Greetings Alain Matthes

PS : Beginning programmation with Ruby by Chris Pine is a good book  
for a newbie !

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