[TxMt] showing keyboard equivalents during screencasts

Mark Eli Kalderon eli at markelikalderon.com
Tue Oct 31 01:38:53 UTC 2006

On 31 Oct 2006, at 00:52, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 31. Oct 2006, at 01:46, Adam French wrote:
>> I just finished watching your Text Manipulation screencast and  
>> noticed you were using the ^+cmd+T menu to show us the key  
>> bindings for specific commands.
>> As an alternative to keeping this menu open, might I suggest  
>> having KeyCastr (http://stephendeken.net/software/keycastr/)  
>> running in the background so that we can see your keyboard  
>> shortcuts as you type them.  It blinks up a smoke-bezelled growl- 
>> like notification of the keyboard shortcuts you typed; might be  
>> more handier than having to hit the menu items to show us what you  
>> did on the keyboard.
> I have actually been corresponding with the author to make it  
> usable for my screencasting purposes :) Saying out loud all those  
> key equivalents is quite tedious, and I do say control instead of  
> command a few times ;)

Mouspose 2 also has this functionality.[1] It is not free though.

[1] http://www.boinx.com/mousepose/

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