[TxMt] A mistake (?) in the Python bundle

Steve Lianoglou lists at arachnedesign.net
Mon Oct 30 15:25:23 UTC 2006

Hi Alex,

> Thanks for the input!  This has now been fixed.

Oh no ... thank you .. that was quick.

Hopefully you won't get too frustrated with all the to and fros, but  
it also seems like the "symbol definitions"(?) are all sorts of  
screwed atm as well.

I'm talking about the rules used to capture the things that appear in  
the Symbol Popup (at the lower right of the window) (or accessed via  
the cmd-shift-T key-combo) where you'd expect to find the methods and  
the classes that are embedded in the current file.

Currently, a whole mismash of stuff is getting stuffed into there now.

Hmm .. I'm realizing it could be annoying if people are commenting on  
a work in progress since I'm working w/ they Python bundle from the  
svn checkout. If you like, I can revert to the "official" python  
bundle that gets packaged with the TextMate cutting edge releases  
until you're done tweaking the one in the svn repo.


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