[TxMt] Re: odd spacing with "puts" in RubyMate

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Sun Oct 29 19:18:28 UTC 2006

On 29. Oct 2006, at 19:38, Matt Neuburg wrote:

> Okay, I tried doing a Software Update and got a mild mess. Now when  
> I run a
> Ruby script, the RubyMate window ain't pretty any more, and it  
> starts with
> this scolding:
> bash: line 1: selected_theme: command not found cat:
> /Users/mattneub/Library/Application
> Support/TextMate/Support/css/webpreview.css: No such file or directory

That would indicate a checkout of the Support folder which is newer  
than what’s included with r1305.

> So I take it that the Software Update process has neglected to  
> provide me
> with some piece of the puzzle.

Well, if you http://macromates.com/wiki/Troubleshooting/ 
RevertToDefaultBundles everything works out of the box.

> Further Comments:
> * It would be helpful if adequate version information (the build  
> number)
> were displayed in the Finder.
> * It would be helpful if a build with a later build number had a later
> modification date; my whole backup / sync system depends upon  
> modification
> dates, so the fact that 1.5.3 (1215) and 1.5.3 (1305) have exactly  
> the same
> mod date really messes with my life.

This is what I see, if I Get Info on TextMate in Finder:

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I.e. the build number and the modification date corresponding to when  
r1305 was released.

> * It would be helpful if there were an easy way to update just one  
> bundle.
> In fact I could probably do the subversion thing, but the people  
> whom I am
> trying to persuade to use TextMate probably could not [...]

Bundles from the subversion repository are only ensured to work with  
latest (cutting edge) version of TextMate and the Support folder --  
so people should never upgrade to a newer bundle (or Support folder)  
without also upgrading to Cutting Edge of TextMate -- and as TextMate  
includes latest release version of the 36 most popular bundles, and  
Cutting Edge releases are done biweekly or so, people not comfortable  
with subversion should just switch to cutting edge builds instead of  
fiddling with Subversion themselves, in order to get on the bleeding  

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