[TxMt] Is anyone still using GTD(1)?

Mike Mellor alaskamike at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 23:26:30 UTC 2006

On Oct 26, 2006, at 9:33 PM, marios wrote:

> I have looked at both of them, yet couldn't really understand the  
> basic
> difference. I have both of them also as a local back up copy.
> (Outside of SVN).
> I would like to try out both of them, to see which one fits my needs
> better, so If I wanted to , I could still use the local backup copies.
> but didn't yet have time to do so.
> It would be nice If one could have a short explanation, what  
> exactly is
> the basic difference, before setting up all the necessary projects.
> regards, marios


They are very similar in concept.  I have detailed descriptions of  
both of them at <http://panalaska.org/geek>.  In a nutshell, the GTD  
bundles are based on the "plan in projects, execute in context"  
theory.  What that means is that the GTD bundle uses a file for each  
project (or it could be a location, like work or home).  The contexts  
for tasks are users definable in the contexts.gtd file.  The "View  
List" commands list all of the tasks for (selected) projects by  
context.  The major difference between the bundles is that GTD2 uses  
the concept of "state" for a given task - whether its an active task,  
one that is waiting for something else, one that is delegated, etc.   
Hope this helps differentiate the bundles!


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