[TxMt] GTD vs GTD2 vs GTDalt?

Alan Schmitt alan.schmitt at polytechnique.org
Mon Oct 16 13:33:33 UTC 2006

On 16 oct. 06, at 13:39, Charilaos Skiadas wrote:

> I'll let Mike Mellor talk about GTD and GTD2, I'll focus on GTDAlt  
> which I wrote. I was using kGTD before that, so it is to a large  
> extend influenced by that. In particular, you can have projects and  
> subprojects, and if a project's name starts with an exclamation  
> point, it is permanent, meaning that it does not get marked as  
> completed once all the actions in it are completed. There is also a  
> system similar to the Quicksilver integration, where instead you  
> use quicksilver, with essentially the same syntax as for kGTD, to  
> add actions into a kind of "inbox file". Then from within GTDAlt,  
> you can ask for the inbox file to be processed, and the respective  
> actions are moved to their appropriate projects, or to a temp.gtd  
> file if they have no projects associated with them.

This sounds very nice, I'll have to check it out.

> The one thing that doesn't work as well as expected is the "reset/ 
> repeat" functionality that kGTD offered, though if I recall there  
> is something similar (been a while, and I don't use that feature  
> that much).

I use this a bit, but I'm pretty sure this could be done in some  
other way.

> Most importantly, there is a converter that will take your kGTD  
> file and convert it to the GTDAlt format.

Ah this is great. Does it also preserves the archive (as an history  
of what was done and when)?

> There is limited integration with Remind and iCal. The iCal  
> integration is not  very stable yet, though I think a couple of  
> people use it. Improving that is one of my goals for the bundle.

Very nice. So it would make integrating with the Palm fairly simple.

Another simple solution would be a way to export the list of tasks to  
files whose name is the context. This would be sufficient for a read- 
only integration with the Palm (which is how I use the iCal  
integration of kGTD today because of some bug that prevents "done"  
status on the Palm to be propagated back to kGTD).

> You do bring up an important point though, namely this plethora of  
> bundles for essentially the same task. Part of the reason for this  
> is that they all have pretty different workflows. There is some  
> discussion among the developers as to how best resolve the problem  
> that users like yourself face, so any feedback from users of the  
> bundles will be helpful. At the very least, it would be helpful to  
> find out how many people use each of these bundles.

Switching GTD systems is never a small matter. The fact that you have  
a way to import an existing kGTD setup makes your option very  
appealing. So if I do the switch, I'll definitely report back.

Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation,


Alan Schmitt <http://alan.petitepomme.net/>

The hacker: someone who figured things out and made something cool  

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