[TxMt] Attribute links to file command

marios tmtxpstuff at consking.com
Wed Oct 11 22:12:33 UTC 2006

Allan Odgaard wrote:
> On 7. Oct 2006, at 06:05, marios wrote:
>> find "$TM_DIRECTORY/.." -name "$TM_CURRENT_WORD*article.txfml" -exec
>> basename "{}" \;|sort
>> then this will give me the desired filename which is
>> mrs_promo.article.txfml.
>> My question is, how can I make this command, so that it will open this
>> file inside my project, even if it is not open as a project tab.
> Try add: ‘|xargs mate’ to your command.
Something like this:

AFORM="`find "$TM_DIRECTORY/.." -name "$TM_CURRENT_WORD*.txfml" -exec
basename "{}" \;|sort`"
open  "$TM_DIRECTORY/../forms/$AFORM"

worked for me. I couldn't find the correct syntax for x-args.
Thanks again for all your help.

regards, marios

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