[TxMt] Scope, Document and insert_text

Brett Terpstra brett at circlesixdesign.com
Sun Oct 1 03:07:33 UTC 2006

Is anyone out there in TM land using Wordpress and Ultimate Tag Warrior?  If
so, I've managed to combine some of my mods and make the UTW tags accessible
from TextMate.  There's a whole bundle involved, and you have to replace
your xmlrpc.php file (after backing it up, of course).  It's working really
smoothly on my end.  If I type fetchtags and hit tab, it gets the entire
database of tags, sorts it and returns a multi-select menu.  When you finish
picking tags it inserts a line in the header with a comma-separated list of
your chosen tags.

It's got the functionality to save and modify new and existing tags.

I also got it working with my AutoTag mod, so that it can read your current
post and suggest tags based on a fuzzy search of your database.  I could
easily add the Yahoo suggest if anyone was interested, but I've never liked
the results I get anyway.

My biggest question is this, sorry it took me so long to get around to it...

After I've accepted an entire document as input, chosen tags and have a
string ready to print, what's the most elegant way to make sure that string
gets inserted in the blog post headers rather than at the end of the file?

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