[TxMt] New Zealand (Vacation)

Eric O'Brien ericob at possibilityengine.com
Wed Nov 29 06:04:33 UTC 2006

An excellent plan.  Particularly if one happened to prefer Summer to  
Winter!  In the Northern Hemisphere, it's late Autumn... about a  
month to the first day of Winter and shortest day of the year.

In the Southern Hemisphere, however, it is late SPRING, coming on to  

Allan's schedule will allow him to skip most of the Winter in the  
Northern Hemisphere!  Personally, something I'm very envious of!  :)


On Nov 27, 2006, at 4:54 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> I posted the following to my blog.
> Thanks in advance to all who helps out while I am gone, and thanks  
> to everyone who has helped in the past!
> ----------8<----------
> Wednesday the 29th of November I am leaving for New Zealand. I will  
> be gone for no less than 10 weeks, so the return date is the 9th of  
> February 2007.
> While I am gone, I recommend that you send usage questions and  
> similar to the [mailing list][] or use the [IRC channel][]. And for  
> problems, be sure to check the [self-help section at the wiki] 
> [troubleshooting] and skim the [table of contents of the manual] 
> [TOC] for a potential feature you seek.
> Should you have a problem with the purchase interface or similar,  
> you can of course still use the appropriate email addresses at the  
> [contact page][], as there will be someone handling this while I am  
> gone.

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