[TxMt] Can someone bring back HTML (PHP) bundle?

Ryan Masuga ryan at masugadesign.com
Tue Nov 21 15:45:59 UTC 2006

Hi all -

I hadn't upgraded Textmate in quite a while and just recently did so  
(I think I had 1.2, and I'm at 1.5 now - needed to do this to get the  
GetBundle Bundle to work) and I noticed that the HTML (PHP) language  
selection is gone - now either HTML or PHP is all red, rather than  
both languages being colored correctly at the same time. I was  
reading a little in the lists and see that PHP is more of a 'top  
level' language now, but for those of us who have pages filled with  
HTML and PHP I'd love to see these files colored that way they were  

For comparison, I have a HTML (ASP) bundle that seems to work like my  
old HTML(PHP) bundle. I tried recreating my old bundle using the ASP  
one as a guide, but no luck. Can this be remedied? Thanks.


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