[TxMt] making a new bundle from old

William Scott wgscott at chemistry.ucsc.edu
Tue Nov 21 02:25:38 UTC 2006

Hi citizens:

I found myself extensively modifying the Shell Script bundle for zsh- 
specific things.  I eventually experienced what drunks refer to as a  
moment of clarity:  Maybe having a separate ZSH bundle would be a  
good thing.  So I renamed the bundle to zsh, then edited the Shell  
Script (bash) Language file, changed  scopeName to 'source.zsh', and  
then changed all other instances of   source.shell to source.zsh in  
the Scope Selector window in the other files.

It seems to work, but then when I went to put the default Shell  
Script bundle back in, it instead reversed changes I had made in  
stuff in the new zsh bundle.

So I deduced I am doing something wrong, that TextMate still  
identifies this with the previously named bundle, and the two won't  
co-exist until I fix the problem.

However, since I took a rather backward approach, I am not clear on  
what else I need to change in order for TextMate to recognize my  
attempt at a zsh bundle as something separate from the old Shell  
Script bundle.  I've made some new bundles de novo, but I an not  
clear on how to fix the mess I made here.



PS:  Once I have something nonpathological, I am happy to share it.

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