[TxMt] LaTeX bundle typeset

Jenny Harrison harrison at Math.Berkeley.EDU
Sun Nov 19 17:45:53 UTC 2006

On Nov 17, 2006, at 12:30 PM, Thomas Bohn wrote:

> On 11/17/06, Mark Eli Kalderon <eli at markelikalderon.com> wrote:
>> Ben, do you want to do this because Preview doesn't autoupdate?
>> That's why I switched to Texniscope. I am sure this can be done with
>> applescript, but I have never been able to master it. Best, Mark
>> On 16 Nov 2006, at 23:53, Ben Soprano Alpert wrote:
> I could recommend PDFView which supports autoupdate. And since the
> developer add some feature from TeXShop, maybe pdfsync will follow. I
> didn't try it though:
> http://pdfview.sourceforge.net/
> Thomas

Good news!  Andrea Bergia of PDFView says she plans to incorporate  
pdfsync in the future.


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