[TxMt] Re: Changing the Script Editor

Adam Bell bellac at accesscable.net
Thu Nov 16 22:29:55 UTC 2006

At 1:26 PM -0500 11/16/06, Jacob Rus wrote:
>Adam Bell wrote:
>-- Snip --
>>interested in Cameron Hayne's development of ASH 
>>(AppleScriptShell); http://www.hayne.net/MacDev/Ash/
>-- snip -- The interactive shell in python is often very useful for 
>testing out ideas.

Visit http://freespace.virgin.net/hamish.sanderson/, and click on 
appscript or rb-appscript for an attempt at combining Python's 
virtues with application scripting support - a substitute for 

>>But what makes Script Debugger so powerful is the amount of 
>>information about what's going on that it reveals, and it's very 
>>handy palettes.
>Hmm, is there anything here you think we should try to steal? 
>What's handy in the palettes?  Have you tried any TextMate snippets? 
>The applescript bundle has some cool ones.  When I get around to a 
>screencast showing it off, I'll try to show how they work.
>>-- snip --
>Well, you should be able to make a grammar for that forum that can 
>correctly apply syntax highlighting to things in [applescript] tags 
>(and let you use all the handy applescript snippets, etc.) then.  If 
>it's just bbcode otherwise, you could easily extend the existing 
>bbcode grammar to do this (or we could even put it in everyone's 
>bbcode bundle, as I doubt anyone else uses [applescript] to mean 
>something different).

I think it's done in PHP using bbCode bits and pieces - I'll have to 
get a copy of it from the Ray Barber, and then see if I can interpret 
figure it out.

-- snip --

>You still live around here?  [off-topic: If there are other 
>boston-area TM users, it would be neat to do a meetup sometime.]

No, I'm retired to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where my wife and ancestors came from.


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