[TxMt] Another Editor War Sparked by TextMate

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Sun Nov 12 06:25:30 UTC 2006

On 12. Nov 2006, at 07:06, Charley Tiggs wrote:

>>> and processing lines containing certain patterns.
>> Regular expressions are your friend.  ;)
> Yes, they are but, in this case, BBEdit is better.  I can send the  
> matches to a new document and delete 'em from the original document  
> at the same time.  This is useful for when I'm needing to quickly  
> weed out multiple sets of data and put each set into separate files  
> for easier processing by other apps/scripts.

You can also use the Filter Lines Through… set Input to Document,  
output to New Document, and then let the command be either: egrep  
«regexp» or egrep -v «regexp». The first one creates a new document  
with all matches from the old one, the latter takes all the lines  
which did not match the regexp.

We could make two standard commands for this, which prompted the user  
for the pattern…

As for your other reply:

> Just didn't expect that what I'd consider basic functionality in a  
> power text editor to be in a bundle

The idea with TextMate is that as much as possible should be in the  
bundles, because only in the bundles can users truly modify things,  
and if we can make all the “basic functionality” as bundle items,  
then we can make a lot as bundle items, for example those commands  
you are missing :)

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