[TxMt] Re: Searching in TextMate?

Hans-Joerg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Fri Nov 10 23:04:02 UTC 2006

Quoting Corey Jewett <ml at syntheticplayground.com>:

> He means from a terminal use the mate application:
> $ mate /your/project/directory/subdir/to/search
> [...]

I follow the hint within TM's help:

Currently it is not possible to limit the scope of the search to  
anything other than all text files in the full project. As a  
workaround, when you want to search only a subset of your project, you  
can select the files [or folders] you want to search in the project  
drawer and drag the selection to the TextMate application icon to  
create a new scratch project. A find/replace can then be performed on  
that project, which can then be closed.

It works perfectly for me.


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