[TxMt] Synchronization (FTP, etc maybe?) Bundle

Michael Gregoire mgee at gwi.net
Fri Nov 10 19:24:38 UTC 2006

Great idea... just what I need. I've been using a project in Aptana  
just for syncing. It would be excellent to be able to sync directly  
from TM.

This would definitely be a great addition to the available bundles in  

Thanks Stephen.


On Nov 10, 2006, at 2:13 PM, Stephen Hansen wrote:

> Soo. I started doing some work on my website in TextMate, and  
> wanted to get the changes regularly/easily up; the Transmit bundle  
> that shipped w/ TextMate was okay, buut, didn't quite do what I  
> wanted or in a _way_ that I wanted.. I didn't see another option so  
> went and made one.. :) Posting here in case it suits anyone elses  
> needs better then the current offering.
> Basically, its purpose is to sync your current project (and it has  
> to be a project) with a remote site. You start out by selecting  
> "Synchronization->Configure Sync" and in the file that pops up  
> enter the host, username, path and method (only 'Transmit' is  
> supported right now). These settings can be accessed through that  
> command in the future; they're stored in a file called ".~sync.sh"  
> in the root of your project so are persistant across your project.
> Then, you hit Command+F12, and it grabs your password from your  
> Keychain (the first time it sets it), then uses AppleScript to tell  
> Transmit to connect, sync the files, and then close.
> The "Method" actually is used to determine which AppleScript file  
> to run to actually tell Transmit/whatever to DO things. There's a  
> lame attempt at a Cyberduck one in there, but since I'm happy w/  
> Transmit I never made it work :)
> --Stephen
> <Synchronization.zip>
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