[TxMt] Synchronization (FTP, etc maybe?) Bundle

Stephen Hansen shansen at advpubtech.com
Fri Nov 10 19:13:04 UTC 2006

Soo. I started doing some work on my website in TextMate, and wanted to get
the changes regularly/easily up; the Transmit bundle that shipped w/
TextMate was okay, buut, didn't quite do what I wanted or in a _way_ that I
wanted.. I didn't see another option so went and made one.. :) Posting here
in case it suits anyone elses needs better then the current offering.

Basically, its purpose is to sync your current project (and it has to be a
project) with a remote site. You start out by selecting
"Synchronization->Configure Sync" and in the file that pops up enter the
host, username, path and method (only 'Transmit' is supported right now).
These settings can be accessed through that command in the future; they're
stored in a file called ".~sync.sh" in the root of your project so are
persistant across your project.

Then, you hit Command+F12, and it grabs your password from your Keychain
(the first time it sets it), then uses AppleScript to tell Transmit to
connect, sync the files, and then close.

The "Method" actually is used to determine which AppleScript file to run to
actually tell Transmit/whatever to DO things. There's a lame attempt at a
Cyberduck one in there, but since I'm happy w/ Transmit I never made it work

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