[TxMt] DarwinPorts or Fink

Dan Lowe dan at tangledhelix.com
Wed Nov 8 18:13:22 UTC 2006

On Nov 8, 2006, at 8:26 AM, Steve Lianoglou wrote:

> I wouldn't have thought to dump my own compiled stuff in ~/bin,  
> which seems to take care of what most people use /usr/local/*  
> for ... but doesn't it create things like ~/libexec, ~/lib, ~/ 
> share, etc. when you compile your own packages with "--prefix=/User/ 
> myaccount"?

Yes, it does. For that reason I maintain ~/local which contains the  
bin, lib, libexec, etc. Works pretty well for me, though I only use  
it for a very few things.

i.e. --prefix=/Users/myaccount/local


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