[TxMt] Duplicating "kill-sentence" in TM

Hannu Rajaniemi hannu.rajaniemi at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 11:53:42 UTC 2006

Dear all,

I'm a big fan of TextMate and a longtime user, but have only recently  
completely abandoned Emacs and seen the light. :-) While TextMate  
really lives up to my wildest dreams as a text editor, I have found  
that there are a couple of little things that I miss. I write a lot  
of fiction, and while editing I've found that the Emacs function  
"kill-sentence" is extremely useful. I was wondering how difficult it  
would be to implement something like this in TextMate, i.e. a command  
that would either cut or select the *current sentence*... in the same  
way that one can select the current word or paragraph. It seems like  
there should be a way to define this using the appropriate scope, but  
I'm such a nuubie that I'm afraid to start poking around... Getting  
this to work in e.g. Markdown mode (where I do most of my writing)  
would be enough. Any ideas?

thanks in advance,

-- Hannu Rajaniemi

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