[TxMt] [ANN] Code Styler/Theme Chooser/Sweet PasteBin - now with Screen Cast!

Soryu Soryu at serenity.de
Tue May 16 19:51:34 UTC 2006


I'll hire a marketing guy for my next project.
So, thanks for the praise.

> Please feel free to add my "Pastels On Dark" theme to the solution.
> Mats


> Unfortunately my Brilliance themes aren't fully able to be  
> represented in CSS :'(
> Too much use of booleans.
> My iLife05 theme should work well enough though.
> thomas Aylott—subtleGradient—oblivious at subtleGradient.com

I added iLife and Brilliance Dull. Doesn't look too bad? And might I  
use some of your sample source files for theme developing?

> OK, but where do I GET Cobalt?  I searched the archive and the wiki  
> but I don't see it.
> Brad

Cobalt is a tweaked version of Slate, by Jaboc Rus. He didn't release  
it yet, as far as I know.

> Mind if I ask how you're doing it? You're not actually using  
> TextMate, right? You're parsing the .plist files in PHP and  
> generating the equivalent CSS directly from the themes.... right?
> Any plans on releasing the source? :)
> Oscar Bonilla

I'm using the nice commands from Brad Choate to create CSS files from  
TextMate themes and to create HTML documents from files that use the  
TextMate scopes as CSS selectors. So I though, why not let the user  
choose the theme… And here we are.

The thingy is in general just some PHP and JS and I will release the  
source later, so people can put it on their websites, too.

> Any plans to add the ability to upload new themes?
> -David

I'll put that on the TODO, thanks.

So far,

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