[TxMt] Language grammar regexp inconsistency or blunder on my part?

Michael Daines michael.daines at gmail.com
Sun May 14 23:04:25 UTC 2006


I've been fooling around a little with trying to create a language  
grammar for guitar tablature, and I ran into a problem with matching  
something like this:

   E 0-------|--------|--------|
   B --0-----|0-------|--------|
   G ----0---|--0-----|0-------|
   D ------0-|----0---|--0-----|
   A --------|------0-|----0---|
   E --------|--------|------0-|

I should probably know my TERMINOLOGY better in order to do this, but  
I'm calling this thing a "block" for now. Every document will have 1  
or more of these. I attempted to write a rule that would match one  
these things:

     name = 'block.tablature';
     match = '([A-G].+\n){6}';

This doesn't seem to match a section like this, but if I use the find  
command with that regexp, the "block" is found and selected. What am  
I missing?

-- Michael

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