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Egil Helland egil at egil.net
Wed May 10 20:59:47 UTC 2006

On 10. mai. 2006, at 02:15, Paul McCann wrote:

> Haris wrote...
>> On May 9, 2006, at 12:39 PM, Egil Helland wrote:
>>> With such a Services menuitem, I can just select some text that I  
>>> want to deal with, and send it to TextEdit right away, and  
>>> TextEdit does not need to wait for anything or anyone... Thats  
>>> what happens with BBEdit at least.
>> So you are essentially looking for a shortcut for: "cmd-C, cmd-tab  
>> to textmate, cmd-N, cmd-V". Am I right?
>> Perhaps an applescript could do that easily?
> In the repository you'll find a nice OnMyCommand set written by  
> FredB that implements this and several other bits and pieces. I  
> only found it again by control clicking on some random text in Mail  
> the other day. To use it you require OnMyCommand (which includes  
> OMCEdit, a nice GUI way to view and create contextual menu items).  
> See http://free.abracode.com/cmworkshop/
> Here's the list of contextual menu items  provided by FredB's plist  
> (taken from the accompanying README file). You can use any subset  
> of these that look, err, useful.
> Cheers,
> Paul
> ====================================================================== 
> =
> -Open in TextMate (pop it up on a file or folder)
> -New TextMate file here (pop it up on a directory; if you pick a  
> file, it puts a new file in the same directory)
> -New TextMate file here (alt)
> (Same as Eric's version, except it creates the file first (with a  
> dialog asking you for a name) then opens it (with open-a instead of  
> mate).
> That means: The language/Syntax-Highlight is selected according to  
> the file extension If a file with the same name already exists in  
> the directory, it opens it without any change)
> -New TextMate file here with Clipboard text (Same as above, but  
> include the text in the Clipboard, if any.)
> -Open selected text in TextMate
> -Set type and creator to TextMate
> -Edit OMC commands in TextMate
> -List folder content in TextMate
> -List pkg content in TextMate
> ====================================================================== 
> =


that was a good link! I would still prefer the simplicity of a  
standard approach in the Textmate application itself, but this is a  
good way to get around it.


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