[TxMt] Re: overwriting opening tag doesn't mirror on the closing tag.

Theorik theorik at gmx.de
Wed May 3 11:35:25 UTC 2006

I think the main problem was that I felt by what I understood as your 
telling me how to work with TextMate (or be ignored and irrelevant) – 
without knowing me or my what I do, and judging from Fred's reply this 
wasn't so far from how he understood you.  Thank you very much for 
clarifying your support criteria!

Scripsit Allan Odgaard diē 3.5.2006 12:40:
 > On 3/5/2006, at 11:42, Theorik wrote:
 >> [...] Not supporting non-US keyboard layouts is a severe limitation
 >> and should be stated clearly in the manual and on the web page.
 > Relax -- I did write that my statement would read akin to “boot into

I am relaxed, thanks.  From time to time I feel like trolling when 
provoked by a what I perceive as a utterly stupid statement.[1]

 > Windows”. Of course I do support non-US keyboard layouts, but there
 > is really nothing I can do about the fact that some key equivalents
 > are awkward. They are that in Apple’s programs as well (as previous/
 > next tab in Safari).

Command-Option-Ä/Ö are a bit awkward, but feasible. Cmd-Alt-\ just isn't 
(on my keyboard with a German Mac layout). So I have to remap (that's 
OK); if something gets hard-mapped to Alt-E (€), I have a little problem 
when I hit on it at the wrong time; no big problem, indeed, but 
sometimes tedious.  For the rest, see my other post.

([1] Some things just aren't mitigated enough by saying: "You won't like 
this", are they?  “Boot into Windows!” *g*)


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