[TxMt] Introducing the "LaTeX experimental" bundle

Charilaos Skiadas cskiadas at uchicago.edu
Wed Mar 22 05:19:13 UTC 2006


	those of you that use LaTeX a lot, you might be interested in  
checking out the LaTeX experimental bundle that i just checked into  
the repository. It's got a couple of commands that are still "rough"  
and not quite production ready, hence the title "experimental".

One simulates the greek letter method of inserting letters commonly  
found in emacs (i.e. first press shift-ctrl-g, then the letter, then  
Another encloses the current sequence of non-space characters in  
dollar signs, so you could for instance type: \sin ctrl-$ and get $ 
Another, given as a selection a math equation of the form $...$ or $ 
$...$$ or \(...\) etc, it toggles the math symbols. I.e. it will take  
$foo$ and \(foo\) to \[foo\] and vice versa.
Finally, the home and end keys are bound to two macros that are  
inspired by Thomas Aylott's macros for moving about in HTML  
documents, except they try to do a descend job with LaTeX.

All these are work in progress, and any ideas/contributions/ 
suggestions are more than welcome.


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