[TxMt] Growl instead of tool tips

David Levy entropydave at mac.com
Fri Mar 3 11:06:39 UTC 2006

>I don't know if you use Growl but it's pretty versatile. You can  
>choose the place where it pops up, the type of notif. (even speech or  
>mail - not that useful for TM), the icon, how long it stays, etc. on  
>per command basis (even over a network). So it can be used for notif.  
>of background tasks as well for  "instant feedback on the command  


I think you use this discussion list as a user feedback collection
point.  In which case, FWIW, I would be very glad for Growl support too
for the reasons stated above.  Growl is highly configurable, usable in a
persistent, immediate and coalesced modes and very OS X.  I find
tooltips fiddly and non-persistent.  I use most text at 14 points and I
find tooltips bothersome to read.


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