[TxMt] Insert Flash object/embed tags?

Sean Schertell sean at datafly.net
Thu Jun 29 02:00:15 UTC 2006

Thanks for your reply Allan!

Are there plans to implement .swf insertion natively in future?  I  
love the fact that TM allows me to add new functionality but it would  
be nice if some of the basic things were built-in.  For example:

- Shortcut based image tag insertion (browse to file, auto inserts  
- Same as above but for Flash / Quicktime / etc
- A shortcut based built-in color-picker.  When editing style sheets,  
I'd like to choose my color from a palette.

These things are pretty standard fare for most code editors no?  Just  
wondering if they'll eventually become native to TM too.


On Jun 29, 2006, at 10:04 AM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 29/6/2006, at 2:54, Sean Schertell wrote:
>> Any snippet that can type all that ugly code for me?  I tried  
>> dragging the .swf into my html like you do with images but that  
>> just wrote some *really* ugly code (binary data).  Do I actually  
>> have to fire up - gag - cough - choke - Dreamweaver to do this?
> Image dragging etc. for HTML files are handled using drag commands:
>    http://macromates.com/textmate/manual/drag_commands
> You can setup one to insert whatever code is required when dragging  
> in an .swf file.
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