[TxMt] Subversion and project files

Derek Jones forumreplies at comcast.net
Wed Jun 28 12:37:03 UTC 2006

I have read in older threads from the list about issues with  
subversion and project files lying outside of the root folder of the  
subversion project, but I am having difficulty getting the "Update  
Entire Project to Newest" to work.  Specifically, that menu option  
never shows up, regardless of where I have my tmproj file in relation  
to the local svn files.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

The Help file mentions that the folders need to be beneath  
TM_PROJECT_PATH and I can't find that environment variable anywhere.   
TextMate's Help mentions TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY--is that what the SVN  
help file means?  And if so, do I need to manually set it, or is it  
set when I have a saved tmproj open?

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