[TxMt] Keeping TM up to date

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Thu Jun 22 16:54:06 UTC 2006

On 22/6/2006, at 16:22, Dr. Drang wrote:

> [...] I'd like to know the best way to resolve this difference. My  
> guess is that the simplest way is to
> 1. throw away my current copies of /Applications/TextMate;

That one shouldn’t be necessary -- but it might be good to go to  
preferences -> software update and check for updates, to ensure it is  
“latest” if e.g. functionality you read about is not available/working.

> 2. throw away my current copies of Library/Application Support/ 
> TextMate;

Yes, if you do not update the svn checkout you should NOT keep it  
around. It takes precedence over the built-in stuff. Btw: I assume  
there is a leading / to the path quoted.

> 3. install new TMs from a fresh download.

That would be only if you did step 1.

> I do have certain snippets, macros, and commands of my own that I'd  
> like to retain, so I would *not* throw away ~/Library/Application  
> Support/TextMate. Does this procedure make sense?

Well, step 2 does. And yes, local stuff is in ~/Library, which is why  
I always recommend doing svn checkouts to /Library, i.e. to easier  
remove it again.

> [...] When TM does a Software Update, do the new bundles go in / 
> Applications/TextMate/Contents/SharedSupport/Bundles?

Yes -- a software update replaces TextMate.app, including the bundles  
within it.

> If so, and if I'm going to use automatic Software Update instead of  
> SVN, is there any need for /Library/Application Support/TextMate/ 
> Bundles?

There is not, no. The only _need_ there is for svn checkouts is for  
bundles _not_ included with TextMate. In this case, I do recommend  
only doing a checkout of the actual bundle needed -- that way, the  
worst thing which can happen is, that this bundle becomes outdated.

I am however going to add a version file to the shared support folder  
and make TM use the one with the highest version, rather than the  
most local, as it seems the common answer to support questions these  
days is “svn up Support” or “rm -rf Support”.

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