[TxMt] SQL Bundle issue

Marc Logemann spam2 at logemann.org
Wed Jun 21 23:57:36 UTC 2006


i just wanted to try out the SQL bundle but somehow i have problems.  
First i found no docs whats the best way to let Textmate find
the mysql binary. He complained that he couldnt find it any of the  
mentioned paths, which was basically the PATH env. variable.
Then i created a symlink to mysql binary into ...SQL.tmbundle/Support/ 

With that i was able to "Execute line with query" but with "Table  
Browser" i got this:

Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/marclogemann/ 
SQL.tmbundle/Support/bin/tableBrowser.py", line 284, in ? sys.exit 
(main()) File "/Users/marclogemann/Applications/tools/TextMate.app/ 
tableBrowser.py", line 109, in main listTables 
(dbName,dbHost,dbPort,serverType,passwd,dbUser) File "/Users/ 
Bundles/SQL.tmbundle/Support/bin/tableBrowser.py", line 130, in  
listTables mycon = MySQLdb.connect(db=dbName,host=dbHost,port=int 
(dbPort),user=dbUser,passwd=passwd) NameError: global name 'MySQLdb'  
is not defined

To be honest, i dont know what these _mysql files in there are, nor  
it is documented somehwere. So what is the best approach to get this  

Furthermore is there a way to display correct encodings for  
international characters like german umlaute (äöü)? I get rubbish  
when these chars occur.


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