[TxMt] LaTeX section snippets

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Sat Jun 17 13:28:52 UTC 2006

On 17/6/2006, at 14:27, Daniel Käsmayr wrote:

>> If you moved them, they are now in your own bundle, so you would  
>> have to a) remove that
> Yes, my modified versions are in my bundle -- which I don’t want  
> to remove, of course. I did not create new snippets but just  
> dragged the LaTeX ones to my bundle and edited there.

Yes, so technically the LaTeX snippets are still there, but slightly  
modified, and in a new bundle -- if one wants to preserve the  
originals, one should use duplicate, but you probably know that now :)

>> b) edit the snippets in your own bundle to provide them with new  
>> UUID’s.
> Do I just need to edit them there and they will get a new UUID? Or  
> do I need to create new ones?

No, you need to go locate the snippets on disk, then load them into  
TextMate as the XML files they are, there will be something like this  
(near the bottom):


This long dash-separated hexadecimal string needs to be changed to a  
new UUID. One way is to select it, delete it, type uuidgen, select  
that, and then press ⌃⌥R -- this will execute uuidgen and replace  
the command with the result (a newly generated UUID.)

> How come the Snippets within the LaTeX bundle don't show up? Is the  
> info on deleted items basedn on UUDI and it might be sitting in my  
> custom bundle's plist?

They are not showing up because they are technically now in your  
custom bundle.

Previously TM didn’t enforce this as strongly as it currently does,  
which is the only reason as to why you may have seen the originals  
and your customized versions in the past.

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