[TxMt] Bug-report + feature request

Soryu Soryu at serenity.de
Tue Jun 13 23:47:10 UTC 2006

On 14.06.2006, at 01:32, Paul McCann wrote:

>  Milen wrote:
>> While I'm at this may I ask if it's possible to highlight the  
>> matching bracket if your cursor is either before/after a curly  
>> bracket because currently I have to go back then forwards to see  
>> the matching bracket.
> There's a helpful "Edit => Select => Enclosing  Brackets"  command  
> that can be useful in this sort of situation. (Well, if you're  
> *inside* a bracketed section.)
> On a bit of a tangent... Armed with the above command you can  
> invent  "Go  to start of bracketed chunk/Go to end of bracketed  
> chunk" commands that also work if you're to the left of the  
> bracket. For example, if you want the cursor to end up to the left  
> of the closing bracket.

There even is a “Navigation” Bundle (in the svn) which seems to do  
exactly that.


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