[TxMt] Lost file

Fred B. fredb7 at starflam.com
Thu Jun 8 23:09:48 UTC 2006

On 08 Jun 2006, at 23:06, Dr. Drang wrote:

> Well, I just lost over an hour of work and I'd like to know what  
> happened.
> I was editing a long entry in a textarea field using the Edit in
> TextMate thing. The connection to the server was lost, so I did a Save
> As to make a local copy on my Desktop and continued working. The icon
> for the new file appeared on my Desktop.
> After a while, TM started beeping at me whenever I saved. Fearing the
> something had gone wrong, I opened the file in TextEdit (it was still
> open in TM). Everything was there, so I quit TextEdit and went back to
> TM. Still getting a beep on every save, I decided to quit and relaunch
> TM. As soon as I quit TM, the icon for the file disappeared from the
> Desktop. When I relaunched TM, the file didn't even appear in the Open
> Recent submenu.

Did you look for your file in /private/var/tmp/folders.501/ 
TemporaryItems ?

That's where it's put when using Edit in TM in Mail.app. Can't test  
with other apps Edit in TM is broken for me (see my next mail).


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