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Eric Coleman eric at aplosmedia.com
Sat Jul 8 06:41:13 UTC 2006

I just like the fact that Allan seems to leverage what's already  

I moved from windows about 7 months ago, and I used to use Zend  
Studio, and a couple other tools.  They were all a pain in the ass,  
and I couldn't do everything I needed to do during my day.  TextMate  
allows this, and if it doesn't, I can add in what I need without  
harassing Allan (for the most part anyways).

So, Kudos to Allan.

I think I might have to name my first kid Allan ;)


On Jul 8, 2006, at 1:36 AM, Eric O'Brien wrote:

> It seems to me (a non-programer even) that it is THIS sort of  
> solution to a problem that gives me warm feelings about TextMate!!
> The design approach results in a sense that "It's not just a text  
> editor, it's an editing framework!"  Or something.  Although the  
> functionality of enscript is not built-in to TextMate, it is fully  
> AVAILABLE to TextMate.  I'm reminded of the fellow who "augmented"  
> TextMate into being his favorite editor for writing Dramatic  
> Scripts. (!)
> "It's a breath mint!  It's a floor wax!  It's a chameleon!  It's  
> fabulous!"  :)
> There must easily be 20 or 30 other similar "case studies."
> eo
> On Jul 7, 2006, at 3:06 PM, Matthew Anderson wrote:
>> If you make the following script a command (I called it "enscript  
>> buffer"):
>>   #!/bin/bash
>>   # close stderr
>>   exec 2<&-
>>   # set options here
>>   enscript_opt="-2Gr --line-numbers -o -"
>>   tempfile="/tmp/texmate-print.$$.pdf"  # note: "$$" is the  
>> current pid
>>   pstopdf_opt="-i -o $tempfile"
>>   # create the pdf and open it
>>   enscript $enscript_opt | pstopdf $pstopdf_opt
>>   open $tempfile
>>   rm $tempfile
>> input: Entire Document, output: Discard
>> your default PDF viewer (probably Preview.app) will pop up with  
>> the buffer's contents in two columns with line numbers and 'fancy'  
>> headers.  You can then print from that pdf viewer.
>> see "man enscript" for many potential options; the ones I used were:
>>   -2			two columns
>>   -G			fancy headers
>>   -r 			landscape mode
>>   --line-numbers	obvious
>>   -o -			output to stdout
>> It doesn't look like "mpage" is a standard tool installed on OS X;  
>> if it was, you could do some additional interesting things with  
>> arranging text (like more than 2 pages per page).  I bet you could  
>> install it from somewhere and use it though, if you needed its  
>> capabilities.
>> On Jul 7, 2006, at 4:30 PM, Brad Choate wrote:
>>> For two column, landscape layout, just choose the "Layout" set of  
>>> options from TM's print dialog.
>>> For line numbering, you'll have to use the "Create HTML from  
>>> Document" command (in the TextMate bundle) to produce a html  
>>> representation of your source (there's even an option to display  
>>> line numbers). Save the output to a .html file and open it in  
>>> Safari. From there you can select page layout options from  
>>> Safari's print dialog. It also preserves the theme you're using,  
>>> so select a theme and font that is suitable for printing before  
>>> using the "Create HTML..." command.
>>> -Brad
>>> On Jul 7, 2006, at 1:34 PM, Kurt Wolf wrote:
>>>> I am wondering if there are settings that can be adjusted for  
>>>> setting up printing support in TextMate.  I would like to print  
>>>> line numbers and change the font to a more printer friendly  
>>>> choice.  Also (dreaming here), being able to print landscape on  
>>>> the page in a two col style would be killer.  Any thoughts?
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