[TxMt] Automated way to keep SVN repository in sync with local files?

Trevor Harmon trevor at vocaro.com
Sat Feb 25 07:16:46 UTC 2006

On Feb 24, 2006, at 10:17 PM, Ned Baldessin wrote:

> This article is interesting, but too vague :
> http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2006/02/07/using-svn-for-web- 
> development/

I disagree with the author's claim that it's necessary for all  
developers to work on the same server. It's not hard to set up Apache  
locally with the same configuration as everyone else. I don't think  
you have to jump through all the hoops that are recommended in the  

> How do you guys handle SVN, and how have you integrated it in TM ?

We put our repo on a centralized machine. Team members would check in  
changes, and the manager would periodically update from HEAD and to  
see how things are progressing and run some tests on the deployment  
server. It worked fine; I don't see anything "tricky" about using SVN  
for web development.

> My latest idea: using the auto-commit on save when you mount a webdav
> repository as a drive.

I assume you're not talking about a shared repository, where auto- 
commit is really not a good idea. You should only commit stable  
changes -- manually -- and include a description of what the change  
is in case it breaks something.


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