[TxMt] The "TextMate Must Have integrated ftp/sftp/ssh" discussion

Jeroen van der Ham jeroen at je-ju.net
Thu Feb 23 18:48:54 UTC 2006

Eric O'Brien wrote:
> What are folks doing that makes them want to see built-in ftp/sftp/ssh
> support in TextMate?  One situation I can imagine is the desire/need to
> open many arbitrary files that are located in many arbitrary locations
> on the Internet.  I don't have a good picture of when anyone would be
> needing to do that though.  Are people doing that?  For me, the files I
> want to edit are on my computer.  Periodically they need to be uploaded
> to the net, but my editing sessions don't begin from copies that were on
> the net.

I have a FreeBSD server in the closet that I try to manage. There it is
sometimes useful to edit files. I do most small edits with vim, but once
in a while you end up with a large (config) file that needs some big
overhaul or back and forth glancing and editting.
Then it would be nice to have a quick way of editting that file in
TextMate and saving it directly back to the server. Either because it is
easier to put it back directly, or so that I can test some settings and
go back to editting and saving quickly.

There have been some proposed scripts/commands that use ssh and keys to
go back and forth to TM with temporary files, but I'd rather have it as
built-in so that it is a bit more robust.


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