[TxMt] Trapping file open

John Fieber jfieber at slis.indiana.edu
Fri Feb 10 21:09:54 UTC 2006

On Feb 10, 2006, at 12:16 PM, Trevor Harmon wrote:

> But I don't see how the Perforce vs. BitKeeper vs. whatever wars  
> are relevant. Can't the TextMate user choose whatever versioning  
> control system works best for him?

The wars are not relevant to the discussion.   Sadly, though, the  
TextMate user may have less influence over the version control system  
she/he must use than she/he would like.

In the course of a day I mostly work with files under version  
control.   During the course of a day I open many, many files in  
TextMate for viewing, with no intention of editing.   If every file I  
open for viewing gets checked out for edit (in the perforce sense),  
it is a hassle for me to revert those files later, and other users  
get warnings that I have those files open for edit when I don't  
actually intend to edit them.   The warnings which are actually  
somewhat useful, degenerate to noise if every file I merely open for  
reading is opened for edit in the eyes of the version control system.

I'm NOT saying that the ability to hook into a file opening event is  
at all a bad thing.   I am suspicious of hooking a version control  
operation into it though.  If a file opening hook were available, and  
a version control bundle hooked it, I would hope that the hook would  
be an opt-in setting and not on by default.

More generally, I would like TextMate to treat read-only files as  
exactly that: read only and un-editable until I explicitly say I want  
to override the read-only status either by simply flipping a write  
flag, or a more involved version control system operation.


(And BTW, does anyone in particular own the Perforce bundle?  I've  
been adding some odds and ends to my copy of it...)

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