[TxMt] New Scheme bundle

Mikael Säker mikael at sicher.org
Sat Feb 4 09:16:47 UTC 2006

1. No problem. TM is really easy and fun to customize and work with  
so it's just a pleasure.
2. Yeah, Emacs has powerful features, but is feeling quite  
neanderthal in comparison to tools such as TM... I don't know how  
much demand there is for these kinds of things, but I know I always  
look for a way from Emacs (even though it excels at indentation... :)
3. Yep... I've done that.
4. Sure. I am working with Chicken Scheme and have only really crude  
Run and Evaluate. Other Schemes are needed as well.



On 4 feb 2006, at 04.38, Paul Bissex wrote:

> I replied on the dev list, but this is probably a more appropriate
> spot for actual discussion. I'm a total Scheme n00b, happy to see the
> bundle. Anyway:
> 1. Cool, thanks!
> 2. As a presumably experienced Scheme person, do you see much demand
> for this sort of thing? From what I can tell most Scheme/Lisp
> programmers use integrated environments like DrScheme or Emacs/SLIME.
> 3. We should probably move ownership of the .scm and .sch extensions
> out of the Lisp bundle and into the Scheme bundle.
> 4. I made a simple "Run" command (mzscheme) -- shall I add it? It's no
> SchemeMate...
> thanks,
> pb
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