[TxMt] A slightly different TextMate story...

Jonas M Luster jluster at jluster.org
Mon Aug 7 21:54:03 UTC 2006

In the midst of all the "this is why I don't switch", and "I switched
and love it" stories, I thought - as a brief interruption of the real
work on this list - I'd share my 5 lines. I am registered user #81. I
bought TextMate literally six hours after BBEdit, and haven't unpacked
BB since. In fact, if you take a look at the Codingmonkeys website,
you'll find my name there, as well, mentioned in one or two places.
Nonetheless, it's TextMate I stuck with. Since that day I purchased
it, I know what I did with it -

- wrote close to 120,000 lines of code (wc -l over my local repository)
- taught myself two new programming languages
- wrote two books
- a PhD thesis
- edited another book
- and co-wrote an article for a Sociological magazine based on the PhD
thesis that got me a rather prestigious award.
- wrote close to 5,000 weblog and wiki pages and entries
- wrote all my email
- wrangled a 41,000 line dataset for the thesis using Ruby and a
specialized bundle
- coded Flexbar (an addon for World of Warcraft, just about THE addon)
- and proposed marriage (don't ask)

there you have it. Not sure many Mac editors can claim they've been
used that versatilely.

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