[TxMt] Getting at the 'Commit' button without leaving the keyboard

David Pedersen david at upsys.dk
Fri Apr 28 13:03:52 UTC 2006

The "enter" key (in the numeric part of the keyboard) does it for me.


On 28/04/2006, at 14.52, Michael Larocque wrote:

> Hi all,
> Sorry for this - it's probably something very obvious that I'm  
> missing - it might be a default Mac feature that I'm not aware of.  
> Here's the situation...
> I want to check a file into subversion. I hit Shift+Control+a and  
> select Commit. I enter my comment in the Summary of changes panel.  
> Now I want to 'hit' the Commit button without my hands leaving the  
> keyboard (i.e. not using the mouse). I've tried every key combo I  
> can think of, but I couldn't find one. Anyone?
> P.S. Allan, I absolutely _love_ TextMate. I would buy a Mac just to  
> use this program.
> Carpe viam,
> Mike
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