[TxMt] Little problem with c++ macro

José Manuel buscarini at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 15:26:19 UTC 2006

Hi, I have done a macro which uses a snippet and a command. The  
snippet adds the line:

std::cout << "" << std::endl;

And the command checks if iostream is included (using scopeHandler)  
and if not it includes it.
For this to work I have to first run the command and after that  
insert the snippet. The problem is that if the command inserts the  
#include <iostream> , the caret moves to the previous line, inserting  
the snippet there.
I have tried with this line at the end of the command (which is in  

`/usr/local/bin/mate "$TM_FILEPATH" -l $CARET'`

but it makes TextMate freeze.

Anyone knows how to do this?
Thanks in advance

José Manuel
Polytechnical University of Valencia

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