[TxMt] Re: Extract Function command for ActionScript

Benjamin Jackson ben at incomumdesign.com
Sat Apr 15 08:30:36 UTC 2006

> Couldn't you use a macro that selects the entire document and then
> calls a command that has output "insert as snippet" ?

Yeah, but that's a bit too roundabout for my taste ;)

Seriously, I could in theory do this, but to get the same effect I'd  
have to copy the text to the clipboard, then select all, then run the  
command, and I'd have to change the command to use TM_CLIPBOARD_TEXT  
instead of TM_SELECTED_TEXT. I may get around to it at some point,  
but unless this feature gets pushed to 2.0, I can wait for a more  
elegant solution.

Don't want to sound like a whiner, but that's my excuse FWIW.

- Ben
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