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Soryu Soryu at serenity.de
Thu Apr 6 20:00:12 UTC 2006

Format: complete
Author: Soryu
Copyright: All rights reversed
Date: 2006-04-06
Title: Giant Squid!

Thanks to the feedback I made another version.

# Changes

* Updated MultiMarkdown.pl to latest version “1.0.1Multi19.1”  
though the website says “1.0.1Multi19.2” (?)

	> An observation. This does not include the latest version of  
MultiMarkdown.pl. If people update the script, xsltproc will need to  
be run with the -novalid and -nonet switches.
	I added those options. Thanks Mark.

* Memoir Document Class

	>  Fletcher Penney also provides xhtml2memoir. Would it make sense  
to branch the command to Convert Document to LaTeX Article and  
Convert document to LaTeX Memoir?
	I included it for test purposes, so we can have a look at it and  
decide about it :) I'm not sure if someone would write something this  
complex with MultiMarkdown? It looks a little like the “book”  
class to me.

* ↓↓↓

	Good idea indeed! I prefixed all commands and the grammar (to make  
the association) with “↓↓”. I think two “↓” look sleeker  
than three?
	> I was actually joking - but what the hell… :)
	2l8 ;)

* Source Comments

	I removed most comments in the Command Sources (They did not make  

* LaTeX Output

	* The LaTeX Output uses the Packages “plainfootnote” and  
		They are not included in my LaTeX installation, so this would make  
for a Documentation item.
	* Though input encoding is set to utf-8 LaTeX does not know about  
the “↓” it seems :(

* Documentation

	I made a stub “Readme” command. This should include both Markdown  
and MultiMarkdown doc when the bundles are merged.

* Inclusion of `MultiMarkdown.pl` in the Standard TextMate `Support`  

	Just so we don't forget about that.

Bye for now,

PS: Best viewed with the (non-existing) Mail-Markdown Plugin ;)

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