[TxMt] latex Question: ! LaTeX Error: File `pdfsync.sty' not found.

Jens Krahe jens.krahe at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 13:18:23 UTC 2006

> 1. Have you had textmate and Latex running succesfully before?

yes, thats the problem. everthing was super.

i tried my first step in textmate and latex. i tried to type


then the compiler told me, something like this, use pdf.

so i copy paste \usepackage{ifpdf} before that (i know that was
wrong). then suddenly i had to give my root password and since then
nothing runs anymore. i didn't work in the shell or something else.

if i don't use pdfsync, it runs know (after i installed everything
new). how i install pdfsync? and why i have to install it now?

> 2. You did install pdfsync.sty?

no, but i installed latex with i-installer

• FreeType 2
• libwmf
• Ghostscript 8
• ImageMagick
• FontForge
• TeX

and textmate. yesterday it was enough to run the exam template.

> 3. Where are you saving your document at? What are your paths / env.
> variables set to in Textmate?

i don't know. where i find that? but i didn't change anything in the settings.

i just type


and hit apple b. then i had to save it. and after that came up the
root password question and that was it.

> 4. How did you install your copy of latex? (i-installer?)

yes. and i did installed everthing again. the problem is still there.

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