[TxMt] scroll using keys

David Eriksson bbs at fatslice.com
Mon Apr 3 14:55:33 UTC 2006

>>Also, when I've scrolled say 1 1/2 page, how do I center the cursor 
>>on the visible area!?
>There's no way to do that - but it sounds like a candidate for the 
>to-do list (as I also frequently scroll w/o moving caret myself, and 
>fallback to actually position the caret with the mouse, somehow it 
>never occurred to me that this could be a key action).


Just noticed that in Rev. 948 we now have

[NEW] The Navigation menu has a Go to Middle Visible Line action 
(shift-cmd J) which moves the caret to the line which is vertically 

Thanks Allan!!!


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