[TxMt] Printing/Print Server Problem (v665)

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Sun Oct 30 07:38:23 UTC 2005

On 30/10/2005, at 1.13, Tim Martens wrote:

> WHEN I TRY TO PRINT FROM TEXTMATE I GET: "unable to get printer  
> status (client-error-or-attributes-not-supported)"
> This is only happening via Textmate (v665). I can't print from  
> other apps just fine.

Other Cocoa apps? Try e.g. TextEdit. I use the Cocoa printing system,  
and don't really do anything related to talking to the printer myself.

> I think this problem just started, but it's hard to say because I  
> switched to this new router two days ago.

I did recently add a (simple) workaround for a system problem that  
would cause printing to give an error, after aborting a print job --  
if that's what is triggering the problem, then try quitting TextMate,  
and from Terminal run:

    defaults read com.macromates.textmate OakPrintInfoDictionary

If the workaround is what gives the problem, you should be able to  
print after having deleted the OakPrintInfoDictionary, but the second  
print job will give the error again.

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