[TxMt] Tab key when multiline selected

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Thu Oct 27 15:34:41 UTC 2005

On 27/10/2005, at 17.25, Frédérik Bilhaut wrote:

> I'm considering TextMate again, and while doing some more tests I  
> realised that the "tab" key has a somewhat unusual behaviour  
> (compared to other advanced editors) when several lines are  
> selected : most editors would shift the whole block, while TextMate  
> just replaces the block with a tab... On top of that, the keyboard  
> shortcut seems odd to me

The keyboard shortcuts were selected by Apple, and it's not standard  
Mac behavior to let tab indent the block (and I personally do  
regularly need to overwrite my selection with a tab character).

That said, in addition to command-[ and ], you can use option-tab and  
option-shift-tab to indent left/right.

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