Fwd: [TxMt] Python mode: offering some code and some suggestions

Domenico Carbotta domenico.carbotta at fastwebnet.it
Wed Nov 30 17:24:48 UTC 2005

> From: Jay Soffian <jay at soffian.org>
>> Finally, pycheckmate didn't work for me.  The first reason had  
>> something to do with using a specific Python installation, rather  
>> than the environment Python.
> Not sure what this is referring to. pycheckmate.py should work fine  
> with /usr/bin/python. At least, it does on the systems I've tested  
> it on.
>> I fixed that, and then the second problem was that the custom  
>> popen relied on poll, which wasn't included in the framework  
>> Python build.
> Yep, that was an oversight and the latest version I sent you uses  
> select intead.
>>   I am using ActiveState's Python2.4, so I got rid of the  
>> customization of the standard library class.  The general approach  
>> I took probably would let you use some of the 2.3 popens too, and  
>> get rid of maintaining that extra bit of code.
> 2.3.5 doesn't include subprocess otherwise I would have happily  
> used it.
>> Pycheckmate also wasn't guessing where to find an installed  
>> pychecker very well--I guess the intent was that you were supposed  
>> to configure the environment variable in TextMate.  That seemed  
>> unnecessary for the common case of installing via distutils.  I  
>> fixed that at the start of the attached file--a bit of a hack,  
>> maybe, but nicer first-use experience.
> I've already fixed this in the latest version I sent you. The  
> contributor must have been looking at the previous version.

looks like it was my fault :)

> Please forward this back to the original sender. :-)
> j.

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